Jen the Juggler. Perhaps that should be my new business card? I don’t have apples, oranges or face-paint, but I do have 15 different tasks, responsibilities and “to-do” items floating right round. It’s an every day game of catch the baby, toss the laundry, and keep my eye on dinner. Steady as I go, and then enter friends, work, and time for smooching my main only man.

Luckily, I juggle with glee. Everything I’m holding and/or tossing is something fundamentally important to me: creating a welcoming home for family, writing and designing for creative projects, and being readily available for good friends. I’m committed to keeping the fundamentals afloat.

Confession: I don’t consider baking and/or cooking a fundamental. I’m dedicated to serving a plated dinner at 7pm, but my meals are usually made by Mr. Kowalski or his friends Lunds and Byerly. For example? I purchase Chicken Dijon and stuffed mushrooms from the deli, and then I bake said items for 25 minutes at 375. A tossed salad with a bit of blueberry vinaigrette, and voila! Dinner, yes, but my contribution to the meal was maybe 5-minutes of shuffling things around.

I have the culinary prowess of a middle schooler, but I’ve got creative recipe ideas to rival the 2015 Le Cordon Bleu valedictorian. This week, for example, my inner chef dreamed about maple-vanilla cookies with a pumpkin crème center. Sounds good, yes? Except we all know I can’t bake. So what did I do? I called 1-800-Food-Scientist. Literally.

Not quite as odd when you know that my good friend Bethany is the food scientist in question. Homegirl has a master’s in food development, works at General Mills, and considers the art of cooking/baking a fundamental. I sent her an email with my pumpkin crème idea, and she said she’d bring the ingredients over the next day.

And the next day at circa 12pm? My baby boy Max played in his Jumperoo, three dogs (my Cockapoo and Bethany’s two Goldens) roamed for crumbs, and we whipped up (I promise I helped!) Minnesota-shaped cookies that tasted exactly how fall feels.

How cute is Max in oh baby! own Max Crown?

 How cute is Max in oh baby!'s own Max Crown?


What You Need:

Maple sandwiches:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 ½ tbsp butter, soft
  • 1 tsp maple extract
  • 1/8 tsp stevia extract
  • Minnesota Cookie Cutter (like this one from Bibelot)

Pumpkin crème filling:

  • 4 TBPS unsalted butter, soft
  • ½ cup pure pumpkin
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg
  • 5 cups powdered sugar (taste-test as you go and add/reduce to adjust the sweetness to your liking).

We made treat bags while we waited for the dough to chill. The bags are filled with white chocolate covered pretzels, pumpkin candy corn, and sea salt popcorn.

Further Instructions: 

Pumpkin Crème inspired by Wine and Glue:

Maple Crème Cookies inspired by All Day I Dream About Food:

Operation Pumpkin

October 21, 2015

This Saturday, the Galleria is hosting "Operation Pumpkin," a mall-wide Halloween celebration benefitting St. Jude Children's Hospital. oh baby! is getting in on the fun, of course! Check out the schedule below for a taste of all the treats (very few tricks) to come on Saturday. We hope to see you in the shop!

  • 10:00AM -1:00PM - Local medical pros will 'operate' on pumpkins, and you'll have the opportunity to donate money to your family's favorite carved pumpkin. All proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
  • 10:30 AM: oh baby! will host storytime right outside of our store in the Guest Services atrium! We're reading 'Curious George Goes to a Costume Party,' a Halloween classic! 
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM - Your littles are invited to trick-or-treat throughout the Galleria (while candy supplies last). During this time, oh baby! will have a photo booth set up in the store. If you and your little are still looking for the perfect costume idea, stop in for some great options — reimagined classics with a sustainable twist. We'll take your picture :)
  • 12:30 PM - A kids' costume parade will take place throughout the center beginning in the Pottery Barn Atrium. Each child will receive a small prize.

Saturday will be so fun! We hope to see you there. In the meantime, check out our Halloween collection here and guest blogpost by Jennifer Prod for more costume ideas. 


by Jennifer Prod

(Photos by Tyler Lauer)

“Why not get the whole family involved and be something that’s better together? You know, like coffee & The WSJ, PTO and frequent flyer miles, or brunch and rooftops?” I tried to put a Minnesota spin on the costume – Paul Bunyon and his ox? No, no, we need something that works for three people.

Maybe The Galleria, a Visa and a Mastercard? Ha, I’m definitely not convincing enough to get my husband dressed as a shopping bag. Okay, okay, what about Target Field, Surly Furious and Fulton Sweet Child of Vine? Good, except a baby probably shouldn’t be wandering around with two parents dressed as IPA.

My husband intervenes before my wandering mind gets too wild, “Why not dress Max as something he likes? Curious George or a banana?” He looks back down at his Excel document, triple checks monthly trends, and then makes another suggestion, “Keep it simple – Target probably has some ideas.” 


My hunky husband speaks wisdom, but he doesn’t fully understand that shopping at Tarjay guarantees your child will be wearing the same costume as every other kid on Facebook and Instagram. Perhaps Pottery Barn would be more unique? Most people hear PB and think tables, chairs and lamps – not lions, tigers and bears. Yes, I’ll check there.

Lake to France to 70th Street and then I park next to Len Drezkin (where there’s always a parking spot outside, and, with any luck, a sale inside). My mini-me Max rides on my stomach (thank you Ergo!), and we’re determined to go home with a costume for him, and maybe just maybe, a scarf (grey flannel?) for me. Let the shopping games begin.

So what happened? I found a scarf (err two) at Len, but the costume rack at PB had an extremely limited collection of $60 furry (zebra, elephant and bear) outfits. Truth be told, I found the baby costume collection a bit uninspiring. I wanted something special for Max’s first Halloween, and so, despite my husband’s advice to ‘keep it simple’, I decided to make something ‘a little bit from scratch.’


A little bit from scratch? Never heard that expression before? Probably ‘cause I made it up. In my mind, the phrase refers to making something with a mega-dose of help from an expert. Think baking cookies with a package of Betty Crocker’s finest mix at your side. Mrs. Crocker did the measuring and the mixing, but you placed those cookies in the oven. Quality teamwork.

Making costumes ‘a little bit from scratch’ means you let an expert handle the fine details, and then you put everything together with a handmade touch. Lucky me, my go-to expert for baby fashion is only a skip-hop-jump from PB. Enter Oh Baby!

Have you ever been to Oh Baby! ? I imagine Anthropologie and Nordstrom going on a very fine date, and then, what do you know, marrying and giving birth to – you guessed it- Oh Baby! Okay, that might be a bit imaginative for a store, but that’s kinda how I feel about it. I love their whole family and I’m sending Anthro and Nordy and Oh Baby! a Christmas card this year and always.

So anyway, I went to Oh Baby! seeking costume inspiration for my ‘little bit from scratch idea,’ and I found a linen crown that would do two things 1) make for an adorable Prince Charming costume and 2) double as a fun dress-up item for the rest of the year. I found a sword to match, and decided to sew a gingham cape. Voila: Prince Charming.

The crown sat regally atop Max’s ahead before we arrived home, and I put a picture on Instagram as a hint about his Halloween costume. A few hours later, the Oh Baby! marketing manager emailed to ask if I would collaborate on a series of blog posts highlighting their Halloween collection. Of course I said yes! That was like Lucia Watson (mastermind behind Lucia’s Restaurant and Wine Bar) asking if I’d like to co-host brunch. Um, yes, and maybe our friends at Spruce will bring the flowers? I couldn’t have been more excited about this opportunity.

We scheduled a coffee date for two days later, and a lone cuppa java inspired four collaborative blogposts and five ‘a little bit from scratch’ costume ideas. Max had a photo shoot a few days later, and the images captured our favorite Halloween looks.

Each look centers around one or two versatile pieces from the oh baby! collection. We took clothing intended for everyday wear, and transformed it into something worthy of baby’s first (or second // third // fourth) Halloween. For example? The Minnesota onesie is perfect for visiting grandma, but it also makes for an easy Paul Bunyon costume. And that gorgeous linen crown? Worthy of a prince, but also quite nice for cozy days lounging in the nursery. 

How are you planning to dress your little one for Halloween? 

Jennifer Prod is an oh baby! guest blogger, a regular blogger for Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, and the woman behind Kindred Studio. She wants to make you laugh and cook you dinner, most likely homemade pizza or pasta (maybe pizta?), and she's on a mission to make her newborn laugh everyday (#thesnuggleisreal). 



by Jennifer Prod

(Photos courtesy of Jennifer Prod)

Lights, camera, action! The stars (meteors, Mr. Matt Damon, etc.) light up the night-sky, and the new parents get comfy with apple-cider and popcorn. Teenagers snuggle to the left, a family of seven grills on the right, and the baby sleeps happily in the back. The advertisement was accurate: everyone is having an old-school good time at Vali-Hi.

Dating my husband has always been a priority, but it’s required more work (read: planning and babysitters) since we welcomed a bitty boy into our family. My data-driven husband works Monday through Friday (okay, okay, sometimes it’s more like Sunday through Saturday), and I stay home with our laughing, bouncingl messy bundle, 6-month old Max.

Curious about the romance? I want to be as intentional about being a wife as I am about being a mother, and so I plan regular date nights.  Our date nights sometimes involve a sitter (thank you in-laws!), but they usually just mean we’re spending QT on the couch while Max sleeps (think wine-and-cheese flights while watching House of Cards). This weekend, however, I planned a date-night away from the couch even though the in-laws were busy. My solution? Bring the baby along. 
The majority of our free time is focused on enjoying our babe; we work together to understand his personality, and then we find ways to develop, inspire, and motivate him.  For our efforts, we’re rewarded with coos and smiles and nosedive kisses.  We’re busy, yes, but life is good indeed.

Part of the fulfillment comes from carrying pieces of our pre-parent identities (both as individuals and as a couple) into our new roles as parents. For example? Jon wakes up an hour early to read the news, check sports scores, and go for a run. As for me? I’m learning to read novels, write stories and edit photographs while Max naps on my lap.

Bringing baby on date night? Isn’t that categorically incorrect? Doesn’t a date, by definition, mean the babe is being cared for elsewhere? Welp, usually, yes, but not when the date begins after bedtime and the little one never knows you left the house.

My husband is my hunk of choice, but Matt Damon, has um, impressed me ever since Good Will Hunting. A new film, The Martian, features Matt surviving alone on Mars for two hours. My curious mind went to work: how do we enjoy the film with a squirming six-month old?

I thought back to my earliest movie-going days, and I remembered my parents taking me to see The Wizard of Oz at the drive-in. YES. That memory was exactly what I needed to a) incorporate Max into date night and b) see Matt Damon. All good things.

How’d our date night with baby go over? Very well. The show started at 8 p.m., and Max slept inside the car until the credits rolled. Our little one dreamed of Curious George and sweet potatoes, and we enjoyed a fall picnic under (and with!) the stars. I call that a win for everyone.

Jennifer Prod is an oh baby! guest blogger, a regular blogger for Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, and the woman behind Kindred Studio. She wants to make you laugh and cook you dinner, most likely homemade pizza or pasta (maybe pizta?), and she's on a mission to make her newborn laugh everyday (#thesnuggleisreal).  


In case you've forgotten (and how could you?!), we had several of our fabulous oh baby! brand accessories featured in the September cover shoot for Earnshaw's magazine. You can shop the shoot via our website, just click here. We love how Mindi Smith, an amazing editorial stylist who specializes in kids fashion, worked our accessories into a story that was not only fantastical, but truly out of this world. We had the opportunity to pick Mindy's brain about where she got her inspiration from and what value oh baby! added to the outer-space themed shoot. 
Mindi is a woman in-demand; in addition to Earnshaw's, she's also styled for Glamour, InStyle, The Knot, Parents, Vogue Bambini, and more. Check out her website for more of her work, and make sure to check out the "Out of This World" Earnshaw's feature before it's too late! 
oh baby!: "Out of This World" is all about pattern play and metallic finishes for spring. Do you think trends in children's fashion are a trickle down from "the grown ups," or do you consider kids' clothing to be on a trajectory of it's own? 
Mindi: "I definitely think kids fashion is "cut from the same cloth."  You see so many echos of adult fashion in the kids world."  
oh baby!: What do you like the most about styling children's fashion? 
Mindi: "I think you can push it a bit more with kids fashion without it feeling forced.  Kids are spontaneous and fun and intuitive.  They like to mix it up in every way so I like it when their style feels that way too." 

oh baby!: How much attention do you pay to the brands you use when styling? What gets you excited about a brand? 
Mindi: "I like what I like and it can be a piece from a very expensive line or an emerging designer or from a flea market.   I just don't like something that you see everywhere.  Of course some of the more well known brands got that way because of their quality and creativity.  Those are both great things to pay attention to."  
oh baby!: You used several oh baby! brand accessory items in the shoot — what about oh baby! spoke to the magic and whimsy of this outer space-themed shoot? 
Mindi: "Oh baby! has so much character and creativity throughout the line while at the same time looking rich.  I loved all the accessories for this shoot especially, but tried to use them in a less obvious way."
oh baby!: Can we just talk about how cute your models were on this shoot? We're dying to hear any funny stories you can share from being on set with those littles...any to share? 
Mindi: "Babies are so cute on every level.   Some of them really got into once we put their "costumes" and showed them what they looked like on film.  I think the funniest part though was trying to get them to wear hats or masks.  They were NOT having it most of the time :)  Definitely my biggest challenge!"

Our excitement is out of this world!

The September issue of Earnshaw's magazine landed in our office this week, and we can't stop flipping through and ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the cutest spring fashion we ever did see! Because as any busy parent will tell you, it's never to early to think ahead! Our spring accessories make great Halloween add-ons or dress-up standbys, too.

The "Out of This World" cover spread, styled by Mindi Smith, features so many of our favorite oh baby! brand items and accessories. Halloween will be here before you know it, but you don't need to wait until October 31st to let your little embrace their inner star. That's what this editorial, and really, childhood in general, is all about, right?

Maybe you've peeked our new Max Crown in stores this fall — it's fashioned as a belt on the cover of Earnshaw's— but did you know that it's handmade in Minnesota? Oh baby! is passionate about keeping our production local, even when our style is out of this world ;) 

You can read the entire September issue of Earnshaw's here, but look to see which oh baby! brand items you can spot below! We've created a special capsule collection online so you can easily shop these featured accessories. Click here! Or click on individual product names for more information.


Left page: Screenprinted Butterly MaskOld Soles metallic space shoes

Right page: Superhero mask, Old Soles fringe bootie

Left page: Superhero mask

Right page: Star headband (worn as belt!)

Left page: Pixie Crown 

Right Page: Sword and Belt

Left page: Audrey Romper in oyster/aqua, Metallic Linen Star Wand in blush 

Right page: Superhero mask 

oh baby! on the lake turns one!

September 15, 2015

We celebrated oh baby!’s first birthday in Wayzata with free portraits and sweet treats.

oh baby! was a happy place to be over the weekend (as always!) 

On September 13, oh baby! on the lake celebrated it’s first birthday in Wayzata with a celebration for happy families in the area. Lake Street was abuzz with anticipation for the afternoon’s parade, which culminated the weekend’s celebrations of the 41st Annual James J. Hills Days Festival.

Little ones of all ages stopped in for cookies and cupcakes and stayed for a free portrait session with newborn, children and families photographer extraordinaire Meghan Elizabeth (Meghan Elizabeth Photography), who has made a name for herself in the Twin Cities thanks to her knack for capturing those blissful newborn moments on film. With so many families in the lakefront store, the afternoon had a magical feel —classic oh baby! items, including layered tutus and sparkly headbands, were tried on for photos and the store was a very happy place to be. As more and more fall items trickle into the stores, we were excited for the chance to show off some of our favorite new arrivals, including oh baby! brand fur pom-pom stocking caps, one-piece cable knit jumpsuits by Egg and jean jackets sure to get your little through fall in style.

oh baby! General Manager Lindsey Glowa has been at the Wayzata store since June. She planned the event as a way to foster a sense of community amongst oh baby! shoppers. “It was fun to get our customers together for a lighthearted day of pictures, mom talk, and fashion. I want oh baby! to be a place where parents are inspired to be creative with their little ones, whether it be by our clothes and décor, or the community we build amongst fellow shoppers that often bump into each other at the store.”

Take a look at some of our favorite snaps from the day’s celebrations!

Meghan preps this mini model for her big moment "on stage!"

Part of Meghan's talent is knowing just how to pose newborns for an angelic, peaceful effect. This little one was so content!

How cute is our Shabby Chic headband in white on her little noggin?!

And that Glinda Wrap Skirt?!

This layered tutu is available in store only, so you should definitely visit and let your little princess try it on for size. 

This little model is wearing one of our favorite new fall accessories! The knit fur pom-pom hat! Available in several different color combinations, pick yours up in store before the chill hits!

Here, Fishy Fishy!

May 20, 2015

Our fishy fishy screen printed collection is individually handstamped in one of our warehouses by a happy cheery worker elf! (She is not really an elf, but does like the color green and the holiday season). Every piece is individual, completely different, and unique: There is none other like it in the world. It's special, meant to be worn and washed and cherished in happy moments and by happy people. It's handcrafted with love for tiny chubby thighs and smiley babies. You can now shop the fishy fishy collection online! Designed by Mary Lauer and made in Minnesota.

Ooooh Baby, Be Our Valentine?

February 14, 2015

OOOHHHH Baby! it’s cold outside!! At least in our home base of Minnesota. Which brings us all to WARM thoughts…one of which is Valentine’s Day!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….This post is for those who have lots of love to give, but maybe waited until the last minute to show it. So before a special dinner date this evening or to bring home a surprise for someone you love today, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! 

Check out our websites at both and for some wonderful and out-of-the-box ideas to tell those closest to you “I LOVE YOU” in a very special way. Need a few suggestions? Well, how about a linen pillow that says “ LOVE YOU”?? The ideas are endless.

We would love to help you at any of our locations: Wayzata, The Galleria and Excelsior.  We have LOTS of items already tagged just for you. Not only home furnishings but clothing for the little loves in your lives.


Appreciate those close to you and let them know you love them.

The staff at Oh Baby! and Que Sera

Our Very Full Gratitude Plate

December 04, 2014

Just when we thought our ever-full gratitude plate didn’t have any more room on it…we are FEATURED on ANTHROPOLOGIE’s WEBSITE and their CATALOG!!


We are so excited about their interest in our products, that you, our loyal customers, have been excited about all along. As we continue into this holiday season we are so grateful for the support you have shown us over the last 20 years. We’ve watched many of your children grow up and we continue to meet new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends…all looking for something unique and “local.”

Stop in and see us!! Let us show you our newest designs and ideas for clothing your children and decorating ALL the spaces you live in.

Remember this holiday season to cherish all that you hold close…family, friends, time spent together.

With humble gratitude and appreciation for all of you

The Staff at Oh Baby! and Que Sera