Q&A with Mindi Smith, professional stylist & oh baby! fan

In case you've forgotten (and how could you?!), we had several of our fabulous oh baby! brand accessories featured in the September cover shoot for Earnshaw's magazine. You can shop the shoot via our website, just click here. We love how Mindi Smith, an amazing editorial stylist who specializes in kids fashion, worked our accessories into a story that was not only fantastical, but truly out of this world. We had the opportunity to pick Mindy's brain about where she got her inspiration from and what value oh baby! added to the outer-space themed shoot. 
Mindi is a woman in-demand; in addition to Earnshaw's, she's also styled for Glamour, InStyle, The Knot, Parents, Vogue Bambini, and more. Check out her website for more of her work, and make sure to check out the "Out of This World" Earnshaw's feature before it's too late! 
oh baby!: "Out of This World" is all about pattern play and metallic finishes for spring. Do you think trends in children's fashion are a trickle down from "the grown ups," or do you consider kids' clothing to be on a trajectory of it's own? 
Mindi: "I definitely think kids fashion is "cut from the same cloth."  You see so many echos of adult fashion in the kids world."  
oh baby!: What do you like the most about styling children's fashion? 
Mindi: "I think you can push it a bit more with kids fashion without it feeling forced.  Kids are spontaneous and fun and intuitive.  They like to mix it up in every way so I like it when their style feels that way too." 

oh baby!: How much attention do you pay to the brands you use when styling? What gets you excited about a brand? 
Mindi: "I like what I like and it can be a piece from a very expensive line or an emerging designer or from a flea market.   I just don't like something that you see everywhere.  Of course some of the more well known brands got that way because of their quality and creativity.  Those are both great things to pay attention to."  
oh baby!: You used several oh baby! brand accessory items in the shoot — what about oh baby! spoke to the magic and whimsy of this outer space-themed shoot? 
Mindi: "Oh baby! has so much character and creativity throughout the line while at the same time looking rich.  I loved all the accessories for this shoot especially, but tried to use them in a less obvious way."
oh baby!: Can we just talk about how cute your models were on this shoot? We're dying to hear any funny stories you can share from being on set with those littles...any to share? 
Mindi: "Babies are so cute on every level.   Some of them really got into once we put their "costumes" and showed them what they looked like on film.  I think the funniest part though was trying to get them to wear hats or masks.  They were NOT having it most of the time :)  Definitely my biggest challenge!"

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