Holiday Traditions

Gingerbread men, strings of popcorn on the Christmas tree, no tree at all, menorahs, sparkly dresses: traditions are an inevitable part of any holiday celebration. Regardless of culture or holiday, it's always a comfort to have cherished memories to recreate year after year. We checked in with our Oh Baby! employees to hear more about their favorite holiday traditions. Cheers to creating many years more of all!



 "My family opens 1 present together, usually from the siblings, on christmas eve. and we eat prime rib! YUMMY!" -Melissa, sales manager

 "Competing with my siblings to see who can find the pickle in the tree that my mom hid, because then they open their gift first." -Mallory, sales associate

 "Sitting around fire, drinking coffee on xmas morning and finding little goodies Santa left for the family in our stockings!" -Ashley, sales associate

 "I like Christmas lights and decorating the Christmas tree."-Brittany, interior design assistant

 "Ice skating on Christmas Day and enjoying many different homemade soups after we finish skating." -Tricia, web manager

 "Silent Night singing at church with all lights off but the tree. The full reason of Christmas!" -April, sales associate

 "Cross country skiing on the lake on Christmas Eve with my amazing athletic wife ;). Of course!" -Tom, CFO

 "Favorite holiday tradition is making potato latkes with my mom." -Sarah, interior designer

 "Making Tom stand on the roof to hang lights in a new magical pattern every year to create my winter wonderland for the kids to be amazed:). Playing games, making cookies, decorating handmade gifts with the kids in front of the fire listening to Christmas 24 hours a day on Kool 108, all of it, I heart Christmas!!!  I also love going to midnight mass." -Mary, CEO

 "Christmas morning pajamas, making chocolate chip scones, fresh grapefruit, opening stockings, and mass!" -Maggie, communications manager




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