Behind the Scenes with Oh Baby!

It's good to know people. Lucky for us, Oh Baby! designer and CEO Mary Lauer knows some pretty fantastic people--including her husband Tom and sons Alex, Ethan, and Tyler. Our photoshoot a few weeks back was a family affair, with everybody pitching in to climb trees and hang signs, wheel a vintage wooden sailboat down the streets of Excelsior, and film the hustle and bustle of our happy sunlit evening!

Mary's son Tyler captured some special moments during the course of the photo shoot, and we can't wait to share his series of videos with you all! They represent what we're all about over here-- kids just being kids, playing in the sand at sunset, and having a fantastic time. Click to watch the video!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.01.11 AM


For more sneak peeks, keep an eye on the Baby Love Photography Facebook page!

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