Where Is Your Happy Place?

in case you've never stopped in, the concept behind the oh baby! and que sera' stores is that not only do we sell beautiful, useful things-- the store spaces themselves are simply happy places to be. better yet, we do interior design so you can bring that happy place home with you!

we were curious what some of the tastemakers across the twin cities had to say about that, so welcome to our unofficial minneapolis guide to happy places-- restaurants, jobs, vacations, gifts, and more. the point is, you don't have to close your eyes to find your happy place because nine times out of ten, it's right in front of you!

we started with one of the coolest and trendiest ladies around, jennifer blaise kramer. not only is she an ace writer and editor, she has traveled the world and has impeccable taste. she brings this to every issue of mpls. st. paul magazine, and we're lucky to have her holding down the fort in our city!

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  1. What is your official job title? Senior Editor, Home & Lifestyle at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine
2. What is your favorite part of your job? I love getting a peek into how people live while at photo shoots. Creating a home can and should be such a big part of our lives and it's really cool to see the thought, effort, and detail people put into their spaces. Being able to hear their stories, capture the details, and share it with readers makes this job so much fun and I hope inspires people to think about their own homes and the lives they are building.
3. Where is your favorite Minneapolis restaurant? So hard! We have such a good restaurant city, but Tilia in Linden Hills really is my neighborhood haunt and close enough for a quick glass of wine, lunch meeting, or nightcap on an evening out. I could eat their flatbread and dukka any time of day!
4. Where is the most fantastic vacation you've ever taken? Argentina with my husband was the last big international trip we did before we had kids. I like a trip that has a mix of city life, adventure, and ends with relaxation. We stayed at a hotel in Mendoza where we could hike in the Andes Mountains by day, hit the spa, and sit by our rooftop bonfire at sunset and sip wine from vineyards on the property. So not my typical life.
5. What are three fashion trends you're most excited about for fall? Boots, tights, dresses, and layers. And I'm still on the stripe obsession.
6. What are your favorite summer wedding trends you've seen this season? I'm a lace junkie and love that it's still everywhere. I think a classic dress with colorful heels (turquoise, something blue?!) is such a great look. For décor, the photo booth thing is a fun, social add for guests, doubling as a guest book alternative and as party favors.
7. What is your favorite newlywed gift to give? I'm terrible but I love to go off the registry. Sending Champagne or a gift certificate to a B&B are a couple favorites for wedding gifts. I also like it when people send monogrammed things, be it a blanket or table runner off Etsy. Getting married is like having a baby, you get so excited to see that new monogram in print.
8. Where is your happy place? In my mind I go back to a beach in Mexico when I worked at Club Med, a very happy time in my life. In reality, I love a simple weekend morning at home, having coffee with my husband, dog and kids playing, planning a whole day ahead of us.

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