[did you know] moses baskets

if you're not familiar with a moses basket, here's the lowdown on our specially handcrafted moses baskets that we make here in minnesota! in the store today, we heard someone describe a moses basket as "what you put your kid in to haul it around the house." welll...wrong.


moses baskets are named after little baby moses floating down the river-- they keep your baby safe and snuggly, so that you don't have to ever let him or her rest on the dirty floor. even if you're just headed to grandma and grandpa's and don't want to have your baby ever lie on the carpet, moses baskets are your answer!


we can customize your moses basket in any color, and a handy elastic band allows the buttery soft fabric to just slide right off so that you can wash it! they can also be put in a rocker bassinet so that you can keep the babe next to your bed and just touch it with your hand to rock the baby.



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