a day for dads.

dads are actually the best, aren't they? they know everything about everything and there's a reason why little girls always want to marry their dads: because at the time it's hard to imagine spending your life with anyone better.


we meet a lot of great dads around here, whether they're shopping for mama or kiddo gifts, or waiting patiently for a little lady who MUST try every sparkle tutu in the store because gosh darn it, princesses deserve their tutus and wands (the castle is TBD).

so we're celebrating dads for the whole month of june, not just father's day because honestly, dads are so great that they deserve way more than one day. stop in or snag online to grab one of these amazing sons of trade dad diaper bags...do you REALLY want to make him carry around your floral petunia picklebottom much longer? trust us, he'll thank you.

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