Designer Pick: Sarah

Not everybody knows this, so here's a little secret! Not only do we sell a carefully curated selection of items for your home, we also have crazy talented in-house interior designers ready to help you out with any space you'd like to customize! Listening to them talk for even a minute is immediately inspiring-- they always have the perfect idea and know just how to fit your personality to what's inside your home!

In honor of our lighting sale, we picked the brain of que sera interior designer Sarah Goldfarb and asked her to share one of her favorite ways que sera can light up a room. Stop in and pepper her with questions anytime, she'd love to chat!

"I adore the Canopy Designs Bell Jar pendants because they are functional task lighting and art in one.  These pendants are hand painted on the inside of the pendant, and the painted design shows beautifully whether the pendants are on or not.  Additionally, a client could opt for a different painted design on each pendant for a super unique look."-Sarah

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