merry + bright // custom lighting

one thing we absolutely absolutely do not underestimate at que sera is the importance of lighting! one of the first things customers notice when they walk in the store is the abundance of gorgeous light fixtures- chandeliers, vintage patterned oil buckets, flowery lamps, you name it!

here's what you don't know: we also custom design just about anything your little heart could desire with our fabulous in-house interior designers, so just ask us! we'll light up your home. we'll shine a light on your fabulous interiors. we'll illuminate your house and your heart. enough bad lighting puns yet?

here's a lovely avian custom light designed by boutique owner, mary, in collaboration with a customer :) give us a call or send an email to to design your own unique light! and don't forget all lighting is 25% off until february 15...what a deal, friends!


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