Oh Baby! 's April + Heather Moore

The story of the lovely Oh Baby!  April and her beautiful Heather Moore charms..

Once upon a time a lovely lady named April had a little boy.... This little boy was clothed in Oh Baby! frocks from the very start...and a one-of-a-kind Heather Moore Jewelery necklace was born.  It included her lovely sons name {Gavin} , his DOB on the back.  That was 9 years ago...

April couldn't seem to get away from the number 23.  Her birthday is on the 23rd, little Gavin's birthday is on the 23rd, later on down the road when she met her future hubby to be, their first date was on the 23rd, and as fate would have it...marriage was set for 4.23.  That's how another lovely charm was born. 23 of course.

The next piece added was the {Courageous dog tag that has Joshua 1:9 } , being that it was April's confirmation scripture and that it continually would seem to find its way to her in Church.

During April's wedding ceremony she and hubs presented Gavin with a pocket watch that
had a 'B' on one side & the back stated {Barnick Family Established 2009} for our first Christmas Chad {April's hubs} got her the matching size 9 charm.  What a fella!

and lastly on our fairy tale necklace is the one and only Santa... he  was feeling particularly generous this year and brought  April  a framed jumbo dog tag with a few lines to her wedding song in graffiti style and a rose gold flower.  The back says {I Love You With Me}.

The rest is yet to come...

{April's sweetie Gavin, a OH Baby! lifer}

Are you one of the lucky one's with a Oh Baby! or que sera Heather Moore necklace?  If so share your story with us!

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