Natura Classic II Crib Mattress

The Classic II Crib mattress tends to baby's changing needs with healthy nurturing and all-natural ease. This customizable mattress ensures the comfort and safety of your newborn with an ultra-firm coconut coir surface. An oxygen rich breathing environment is assured while correct spinal alignment is maintained for healthy infant growth. Flip it over to soothe the restlessness of your busy toddler with the buoyant cushioning of luxurious Talalay latex. Both sides are dust-mite and allergen resistant, to maintain irritant free breathing room and banish the sniffles and stuffiness that disturb sleep. With a removable and sweetly comfortable terry cotton cover your baby's bedding stays fresh and clean.

Cotton terry cloth cover quilted with batting
2" blended Talalay latex, 2" natural coconut coir
Provide contouring support to safely cushion baby's growing body
Protect against exposure to harmful bleaches or dyes with all-natural materials
Maintain hygiene with easily removable cover, hand-washable cover
Create a naturally breathable, allergen and irritant-free sleep environment
*Replacement mattress cover included.

Cover: Wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, no heat

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